Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Style file: accessories- Atwood, Minkoff, and more

Atwood and Minkoff

Investment, investment, investment.  That is what I’m focusing on for wardrobe and accessories in 2013.  Instead of buying items that I fall in love with because they are inexpensive and then either wearing them once or not at all I’m focusing on building a great wardrobe of basics and pieces that are timeless yet eye-catching. 

On my list is jewelry.  Majority of the time I throw on that statement watch and that’s about it but I want a few more pieces that I can always wear and not worry that its out of style.

One of my favorite shoes designers Brian Atwood has released a jewelry line and I’m in love!  His line boasts a range of chokers and cuffs, which are my favorite.  So bold and in your face they scream, “I have powers, wonder woman activate!”

Another designer dabbling in this category is Rebecca Minkoff.  We love her bags but you will love her delicate yet stackable pieces.  Like her gold bar necklace and her delicate zodiac necklace.

I love Melody Ehsani goldname plated necklace that reads, “love me or leave me alone”, for a cool $65

Other middle line pieces

Dream pieces that are way pricey like Givenchy and Maison Martin Margela.

This week Hautelook has some MAJOR cuffs on sale from Calvin Klein and I may have to grab one.  Originally retailing for upwards $910, Hautelook is offering them starting at $85.  Need an invite? Here you go!

Should jewelry be an investment?  Or just have fun?  What are your favorite pieces?

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