Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No color allowed!! Fashion faux pas?

Pre 'Ye


I'm not a girl that loves lots of color. Just the other day as I sat staring in my closet all I saw was black and white, white and black, some beige and several 'neon' pieces I never touch. Tags still hanging and mocking me. 

What's color blocking? White shirt, black skirt, gray shoes? Oh blue top, red pants. No thank you!

Made me wonder, "does everyone think I wear the same thing over and over" how could they tell it was different, only  the same color?

As I pondered this and banned myself from buying anything new that was neutral, Fashionista.com released a great story about Kanye West forbidding employees to wear color and how Kim K has now followed his lead. 

As I browsed her new looks since becoming "Kimye", I wondered (again)- does sticking to one color palette destroy your fashion reputation or enhance it?

Kim (or her stylist) does incorporate different textures and patterns so its not only black bottoms, white tops or vice versa.

She has a great range and its clearly chic. (And I think she looks much better than that Gucci catastrophe above- girl! Hot mess). Her mom, Kris has been wearing mainly black and white since their show premiered years ago.

So do I necessarily have to give up my love of neutrals?

Are you stuck in a rainbow  or a neutral conundrum like me?

Speak on it!

Kim images via Fashionista

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