Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A fashionable Chicago event for Obama hosted by Anna Wintour and Chanel Iman

I am so excited for this!  Get your tickets for the most fashionable Chicago event for the President.  On June 12th at Harpo Studio, Anna Wintour (if you don't know who that is....), models Iman and Chanel Iman will host Runway to Win.  It’s a pop up shop where designers created Obama themed items where proceeds will go to his campaign fund.

For $150 you will have a reception with Anna Wintour, models and fashion designers. $1000 a photo reception and $2500 dinner and a photo reception.  Go here to grab yourtickets!

I want to attend badly.  For this event you  must pull out all the fashion stops because it is a dream event.  (Clears throat) Someone needs to have an after party so all the fashionable can party into the early morning.

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