Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gasp! I agree with this Nicki Minaj statement…..BUT

On her track, Press Conference an interview led by radio/television personality Charlamagne Tha God, Nicki said,

We got so many girls right now having children and don’t even know the
first thing to say to a child.
You’re having a child because I want to keep
this dude or it just happened.
I want to get us to the place where it doesn’t
just happen and that we’re smarter than that. We’re the ones in control again.
Why are we never in control? Why are we stuck with a baby? Why are we always
stuck on the welfare line? Why are we always stuck having to beg, borrow and
steal to provide for our children? Why do we think it’s something wrong for
waiting to have a baby?
Waiting until you’re 35 or 36 to have children;
technology has changed – you can wait. Have something to offer them. That’s
something that’s dear to my heart. Doing something that make children feel like
I don’t have to rush to grow up. I can enjoy my childhood.”

She goes on to say she would like to learn how to build the education system to a point where there is more of a success rate in terms of black children that go from high school to college. And I loveee this idea but if she wants young girls to stop having babies at such a young age why not start with a song on her CD? That talks about this issue and tries to promote safe sex? I agree that our children are misguided but she can do something now that could start the talk instead of figuring out what can she do. She’s Nicki, she can do something now.

What do you think about this issue? Is Nicki full of caa caa when it comes to that statement? Is she actually promoting promiscuous teenagers with her image and music?


  1. No one can take her seriously. She works for an industry that must promote sex and degrade the sense of self to sell records. Why? That is whole another story. Most importantly, her boss, Wayne, "promotes" the exact opposite of what she is preaching through his lyrics. So, what does that say? She cares nothing about the issue...she cares about them paychecks. Plus, her bf uses her as a punching can she give any advice on anything? No one is perfect, but don't try to fix a bigger issue if one can't fix the issues that deals with the self.

  2. she should have a seat. don't talk about it, be about it, nicki. let us know when u release a song on said subject instead of trash like "stupid hoe"; illustrate to young girls that smart women can and do hold off on children until they see fit to give their lives to children; that your goal in life need not be to become someone's mother. she obviously does such a good job at encouraging young women, with her BARBIE BULLSHIT. GIRL STOP.

  3. she'd need to revamp her entire image before she can become ambassador for youth development.