Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Grammy’s Red Carpet fashion

The Grammy’s was last night and I must say… yawn-licious. I was underwhelmed at the show and the red carpet. I say it every year that it’s my last time watching and I hope I listen to myself next year. Missing on the red carpet -Pink, Christina Agularia, Beyonce, J.Lo- the BIG stars that really bring fashion.

My top best dressed? Rihanna and Amber Rose.

At first I didn’t like Rihanna’s dress but after mulling over the pictures, I changed my mind. While it was very simple, it was VERY sexy and her jewelry choices set it off.

Amber Rose face was beat! The yellow dress complimented her tone very nicely and it was a MAJOR upgrade from that awful green make-up and leopard print dress at the Clive Davis party on Saturday.

Fergie- meh! Nude undies instead?
Katy P- don’t hate it, don’t love it… it’s a pass
Kelly- meh. I saw her try on better choices on Access Hollywood
Melanie Fiona- Summer picnic anyone?

Who rocked out to you?

Photos: People and Tumblr

1 comment:

  1. of course, Rih rocked it, it's what she does. no matter what, amber looks like a hooker in designer attire, that tats...she's just so tacky.

    & fergie: girl, have a seat. no one could tell her that that looked.... just......bad?

    kelly: ok, she just so pretty, that's why it's not a major fail.

    the other ones: blah

    love ya B ;)