Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Revelations and Resolutions with blogger Necole Bitchie

In December, I went to a X Rated Liqueur party and was able to interview the fabulous blogger and entrepreneur Necole Bitchie. Though I was only able to get a couple questions in she made me think. When it comes to me and my 'brand' as well as what I am striving to be.

If you have been following me since day one, you would know it started in 2007. I was receiving a host of information and I wanted to share with more than just friends and family. I started blogging and it led to a ton of opportunities.

Have I evolved in blogging and writing? Yes but for me- not a 360. Talking to Necole I realized that I have not reached my full potential , I have not fully embraced my ideas. As Necole said, I have sat by and let others success be enough for me as well as block my own blessings.

I haven't thought about the ideas and dreams that I have put on the back burner simply because I am content and maybe a little afraid. Can someone be afraid of success? Can someone be afraid of failure? We see it every day.

I love blogging and will continue to love it but there is more for me. I wouldn't put myself through the next three years of school just for fun. I've always had a dream of having a magazine, writing professionally as well as founding something that will help all the other talented people I know.

I have always had ideas and never took the reins fully just to see someone else take action and have major success with the same idea.

Talking to Necole has awoken dreams that were forgotten.

I'm writing this because of a change for 2012 that I want. It starts with being more open and sharing. Because if you are close to me you know, a blog this personal would never happen in a million years. I am very private and very guarded but a change has to come!

I'm looking for to my future classes that will put the tools in my hands to help me achieve my goals as well as networking more.
Happy 2012

I was able to ask Necole Bitchie two questions.... Here we go

Mrs. Windy City: What's next for you?

2012 is all or nothing for me. I'm going to do the whole stepping out more, more camera work, more acting, just anything that comes my way. I have turned down so much stuff in 2011. Acting roles, auditions, and hosting spots. All these big opportunities and I think it was because I surrounded myself with a lot of talented people and felt like some of those people were more talented. But people wanted me because of the audience and the brand. You can’t do that because you block your own blessings. I may also do a docu-series, who knows. Whatever come my way, I'm just going to go with the flow.

MWC: What do you see is next for bloggers?

I feel like it’s so saturated right now, especially being a new blogger. It’s just so hard now, how to compete with people who have been on the scene. Bloggers are starting to do their own media companies. Media Take Out as their own dating show, Bossip has their five minutes clips of interviews, web series.

Everyone is doing the media production company on the web. That's the natural route.

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