Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Isabel Marant VS Ash sneakers

I have been in love with the Isabel Marant sneakers since seeing Tracee Ellis Ross (above) rocking them. They are a designer suede sneaker that boost a 3’ wedge on the inside of the shoe.

I admit, I am not a sneaker fiend per se but I do love a unique shoe, but once I found out they hit the 700 range, I almost swallowed my tongue. They would be cute for when you want to be stylish yet comfortable or mix up your wardrobe like the girl above with her fur and Marant’s.

Thanks to Fashion Bomb Daily , I found the above sneakers.

What do you guys think about the Ash brand? Too much of a knock off?


  1. Found your blog today...nicely done.
    Will follow...
    (nice to see another Chicagoan) blogger

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  3. Thanks for sharing these stunning sneakers with all of us, Love Isabel Marant Sneakers always.

  4. o0o0 isabel marant sneakers are fabulous!!!!i need such fabulous style...

  5. oh, i like isabel marant sneakers much better. isabel marant