Thursday, November 3, 2011

Feast on Fashion with Ferragamo at the Elysian Chicago

Browsing Twitter one night I ran across a tweet from Elysian Chicago about, “Feast on Fashion with Ferragamo” hosted in their Balsan Restaurant. I was so excited! Not only was it during my birthday weekend it but it was also fashion and food. The best of both worlds.

(above: L: Curvatude. R: Me! Pic via her blog. )

I'm wearing: H&M dress, my own cross necklace, Aldo boots

Arriving on that warm Thursday afternoon, I was greeted with the chatter of woman and food. The table was elegantly set and the menu boosted a selection of cheeses, meats and entrees.

We shared a plate of cheeses and meat (Charcuterie & Cheese), then moved on to the squash soup, which the best soup a girl could ask for and finally I choose the grilled Cobia.

As we mingled, models walked through the space in some of the new pieces from Ferragamo. I was impressed, I always looked to Ferragamo as a line my mother would wear but the pieces and even shoes I saw captured my heart. Some could go from work to cocktails and other was pure fashionista!

My favorites:

I’m hearing that this will not be the last Feast event for Elysian. Of course as soon as I know I will post the details.

Elysian Chicago
11 E Walton

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