Monday, October 3, 2011

On the scene: Chicago Lunarguide +3 launch event at AKIN

Runners, sneaker lovers and curious minds came out Saturday to AKIN for the launch of the exclusive Chicago Lunarguide +3 running shoe from NIKE.

The special Lunarguide is for Chicago and much different from the +2. With a wide toe box, mid shoe strap to cradle the foot, more flexibility and dynamic supports, its great for beginner runners as well as vets like those preparing for the Bank of America Marathon.

In addition to the Chicago shoe there is special Bank of America Marathon running gear from NIKE with tops and jackets to set you apart from the rest.

During the event we received great tips for proper clothing when running like- always layer! You can moderate your body temperature by taking off clothing and wear apparel that has high visibility for safety.

Later Tara D (above) the artist of the Chicago shoe spoke about her role and how she prepared for designing by talking to runners and how runners are very connected here in Chicago.

It was a great event to with food, music, art and of course shoes! Go grab you a pair of the Lunarguide +3, they only retail for $100.

I will let you know how my running journey goes since Nike is kind enough to motivate me by giving me a pair of these awesome kicks.


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