Monday, October 3, 2011

DW by Kanye West SS 2012 fashion line – the debate

On Saturday Kanye West debuted his RTW line for women in Paris, simply titled DW. There were many critics opinions about the line from -- edgy and great, calling it hooker apparel and so forth.

I’m not understanding why people are saying they are hooker clothes and were designed for amber rose. I see wearable pieces. I have seen dresses and shirts, etc on the runway for Versace and other designers that are much more provocative than what Kanye presented. Which when you think about it, a fashion show it just that- a fashion show. Sometimes more “racy’ pieces don’t make it to the hanger or are tailored for everyday wear.

Are people mad because he presented a full fashion line in Paris? That he is living his dream? Am I not "into fashion' like I thought I was? I honestly don't get it but I wish I was a millionaire because the prices (if the line is ever released) is going to be bananas.

I remember what Chris Rock said: being rich is not about having money, it’s about having options....

I wish I had the OPTION of a clothing line.... GO Kanye!!!!!!!!!
The CHI is proud

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