Friday, September 30, 2011

Mrs Windy City's fall fashion must haves

Fall is officially here! I love fall, it’s the reminder of back to school which means new clothes, new friends, pumpkins and lovely sweaters!

Here are my Fall 2011 must haves.

Leather- last year it was all about leather shorts. This year its leather pants, skirts, jackets and EVERYTHING. Ciara, LaLa and Miley Cyrus has shown us great ways to achieve this look. BUT ladies do not try pleather. I highly recommend Topshop who has great leather replicas for budget friendly babes.

Anorak parkas- I want an Army green coat topped by a lush fur collar, to be the envy of all snowmen! Take the collar off for weekend casual, keep it on for luxe chic

Two tone wedge booties – Tired of standing on stilts? Get a fashionable break with two tone booties. They give you two distinct looks at once and can be paired with weekend as well as ladylike looks.

Colorful jeans- you can take these bright colored jeans from the summer and pair with neutral knits and sweaters. See Kimmy K, Rihanna and Kourtney

Western - Sprinkle your wardrobe with just a taste; whether a sweater, bag or boots

Missoni for Target – yes I know Missoni is sold out everywhere and you are one lucky son of a gun if you found any (I did, but not without a journey) but still comb the Target aisle and even Craigslist. Even one item will make your Fall more chic.

Keep from Fall 2010:


As seen here in my post

What is on your Fall must have list?

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