Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni for Target: I was there

I love fashion. I love capsule collections. I have never stood in line to experience first minute buying until Missoni for Target.

I was excited!! Beyond excited!!! More for the home goods rather than the clothing. I studied like a test, I knew what I wanted but unfortunately when it comes to collections like these you need a team to help you get your selections.

I arrived at 7:15 am finding a handful of people. I met a cool girl in line and we decided to shop together. By 7:45 there were about 100 people in line. I was nervous but we were off and running to get the clothing. I grabbed what I thought looked cute but that was my first mistake, thinking. I should have just grabbed! On to upstairs where we find people snatching plates and kitchenware by the bundles and people running down the aisle with luggage. It was a whirlwind and in the end I didn’t get much from location #1.

Me and my line buddy decided to go to location #2 where we find all the clothing racks empty and everything gone except media bins. “I’ll take two please.”

On to location #3 where ………. Items! Lovely items. Bundles of cosmetic cases, shoes, clothes and I got luggage!!! No home goods. We were exhausted and it was eleven o’clock. My mouth was dry and my stomach in pains but someone grabbed the last size 10 ballet slipper so I was off to location #4. Where I found my slippers!!! Still, no home goods. I was exhausted but giddy.

The people that do this every time a popular capsule collection is born, bless your souls. It’s too much! In the end after going through my purchases I will keep:

Carryon luggage
Media bins
Rain boots
Eye mask
Cosmetic bags

The other items are currently on Craigslist. But no mark-ups!!! I’m not greedy, just too lazy to return.

Crazy stories heard: the man who was not allowed back into his home unless he had allllll Missoni plates from one location. He had a cart full!

A woman sent her husband all the way from Canada and well….. he didn’t make it to the store early enough. He managed to find scraps but not what was on her list. Poor man.

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