Monday, September 12, 2011

Exclusive: Fashion's Night Out interview with Kyle Richards of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Pictured hosting the Macy's Fashion show with Marcellas Reynolds

You never know when an opportunity will present itself. For me it happened at Macy's celebration of Fashion's Night Out. I was there enjoying the appearance of Kelly Osbourne (see post here) as well as anticipating the fashion show hosted by Kyle Richards and Marcellas Reynolds. Suddenly I was given the opportunity to interview Kyle of Bravo Network's successful franchise Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Known as the raspy voiced, raven haired sexy mom and actress of the bunch. I was thrilled and at the same time nervous! Thankfully I had a small notepad in my clutch. So I jotted down a few questions and interviewed the friendly Kyle (no personal pictures were allowed) who talked about what other adventures she will take on, how does she keep her hair so gorgeous and much more. She was a doll, from her Forever 21 jumpsuit she was wearing (she packed a different outfit but our weather prevented her from wearing it) to her Chanel pedicure she was Beverly Hills and more.

Mrs Windy City: Do you come to Chicago often?

Kyle Richards: I’ve been here two other times and I absolutely love it. All the buildings are so beautiful and its clean and summery. I love it. People are so lucky to live here.

MWC: What are your favorite places to shop at here in Chicago?

KR: You know I haven’t shopped here really, I’ve just been to different hotels and restaurants and I haven’t had the chance to shop other than Saks and Macy’s here.

MWC: How would you describe your style?

KR: I always struggle with that question. I really don’t know my style. I go with whatever feels good to me. I like to be comfortable except for my feet! (laughs). I always go through the magazines and see what the latest look is and what’s coming up. I don’t like to really buy into the trends, I like to stick with the classics and try to stay true to what works with my body. It’s just me, I’ve never had a stylist.

MWC: Must have items?

KR: I think every woman should have a great fitting blazer that she can put with a dress or jeans. That’s my favorite look, to just wear a blazer, a pretty blouse, jeans and heels. That look never fails me. I think a great dress that if you feel chubby, it’s always your to go to outfit and you'll feel good in it no matter what.

MWC: What’s your hair secret? You have such gorgeous hair that everyone talks about.

KR: My hair secret really is less is more. I don’t like to use heat, I don’t like to use hot rollers or a lot of products, I think that really damages your hair. Some people are neurotic about taking care of their skin, I’m neurotic about my hair. I’m cautious when I brush it, I don’t let anyone brush my hair. I go in the salon and I hear one little snag I’m like, “Give me the brush!” (laughs)

MWC: What is next for you besides Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

KR: I have a book coming out, I’m working on it now. Basically I get a lot of questions on Twitter and Facebook. People always ask me how I juggle my marriage, my children, my career and everything. I wanted to address those and share what is important to me, my marriage, fashion, beauty and all those fun things. I just did a movie that came out on Lifetime called Deadly Sibling Rivalry, and I have another movie I’m shooting next month. I have a handbag line coming out because I am handbag obsessed!

MWC: Your role with Macy’s?

KR: I was invited to Fashion’s Night Out and I am excited because I love Chicago and I love fashion and I love Macy’s so I thought what a perfect combination to come out here and see all the new looks that are coming out. I’m here to have fun!

Watch Kyle Richards on Bravo's Housewives of Beverly Hills Monday's 9/8c

All images by James Palazzolo

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  1. OMG what an awesome interview you had with Miss kyle! I like how she likes to stick with the classics and knows what works on her! Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed reading this interview!