Monday, August 29, 2011

VMA: Fashion victors and victims

VMA’s are all about short dresses, high heels and sequins. Save the stuffy and the long prom dresses for the Grammy’s. While I did not watch the awards, I did partake in Red carpet and I must say, I was underwhelmed. Meh.

My best dressed: of course Queen B (and mommy to be!) in Lavin.

Kelly Rowland in Falguni & Shane dress (can I have her legs please?)

Victoria Justice in a Theia mini.


Awful shoes- what happened here? I like Britney’s outfit but these shoes look like they came off Belmont and Clark (Chicago!!)

Katie Holmes… oh Katie are those Timberlands?

Adele – take OFF the stockings, shorten the hemline (just below the knee) and it would have been a pass

The Girls of Jersey Shore- I do give Sammi a pass. She looks.... most pulled-together aka less slutty

Nicki Minaj - a collage of .... toys? Whatever

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  1. Smh at nick minaj's outfit....sometimes she goes overboard and i think she loses herself. But then again...she self-proclaims to have multiple personalities. And yes beyonce was just awesome..i love how her announcement took the media by storm and blew up twitter lol #jayonce #watchthethrone #babycarter
    Nice review brandy and your site is very inviting! :)