Friday, June 3, 2011

Will Mary Kate and Ashley's The Row handbags become the next Hermes?

See that bag on Mary Kate Olsen's arm? That is the Day Luxe alligator bag from her and her sister’s accessory extension of their clothing line The Row. The bag she is carrying is so pricey it doesn’t have a published price! The plain leather version runs for $5400.

Its is one of many sleek and exquisite bags from the Fall line that will hit stores at the end of July.

With names like Day Luxe , Classic shoulder, twin mini (different skins on each side) and metal frame, each bag has a unique approach for the owner. The luxurious bags range from $4750 and up.

Though the twins don't want any of their bags to be an 'it' bag, I think more than likely these bags will become iconic. With influx of Hermes buyers (and impostors) this handbag line with finishes that include ostrich, alligator and lizard will find themselves in the hands of the elite and fortunate.

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