Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the scene: Hennessy Remixed tour Chicago

(L to R: Me, Raijean and Jessica LaShawn) Photos by Raijean photo by Barry Bresheisen

    Hennessy VS’, Hennessy Remixed tour took Chicago by storm last week to re-introduce us to Hennessy and their new conncocations of drinks. Hosted by this year’s Lady Hennessy, Toccara (former America’s Next Top Model starlet), and master Hennessy mixologist, Jordan Bushell. they wanted to educate consumers on the blendibilty and versatility of Hennessy VS, and to present the four signature cocktails.

    Several events took place: High-rollers reception at Horseshoe Casino on April 7th: Toccara and Jordan hosted a private tasting of Hennessy VS’ latest recipes, as well as its higher Marques, Hennessy Privilege, Hennessey X.O., and Hennessy Paradis for 300 guests. Jordan and Toccara also held a mixology session, and there was on-site cigar rolling.

    Shrine Chicago on April 7th: Toccara and Jordan hosted a private tasting and mixology session for 200 guests. Hennessy also partnered with Chicago radio station, Power 92, for their 10th anniversary for being on-air. Guests included personality’s from Power 92, as well as local celebs.

    Excalibur on April 8th: Toccara and Jordan hosted a private reception, and mixology session, for 125 guests for them to experience the latest drink recipes.

    Luncheon at Park 52 on April 9th: Influencers from across Chicago came out to meet with Jordan and Toccara, as well as to sample the latest recipes.

    PHLI Lounge at PHLI Worldwide on April 9th: Hennessy VS partnered with PHLI for an private reception hosted by hip hop artist, Freddie Gibbs, as well as Toccara and Jordan.


    On Saturday, I attended the Media and Influencers luncheon at Park 52 in Hyde Park. Cool Hennessy sunglasses and silly bands greeted us we walked in the door. Drinks started appearing and it was time to taste.

    Personally I was a little hesitant because I am not a cognac drinker at all. But I was willing to try.

    We were given: Hennessy Apple (mixed with apple juice and an apple slice), Hennessy Berry (with cranberry juice),and Hennessy and ginger (with ginger ale). I was in love. My favorite was the Hennessy Berry and runner up Hennessy and Ginger.

    We noshed on appetizers like ribs, chicken quesadillas, and a kabob of garlic chicken and peppers. Yummy!

    Toccara was a sweet heart, mingling and interacting with us while even stopping by my table and noshing on the ribs she brought over. Great times!

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