Friday, March 18, 2011


Indeed I engaged in watching the Basketball wives season 2 reunion. I was appalled at the way Evelyn and Royce went back and forth over LABELS. Labels honey. Your labels shouldn’t wear you. I know Evelyn rocked a HERVE LEGER dress that two other celebs have been seen in recently, she combined her version with those ultra cool Christian Louboutins and overboard she went. Royce: well Royce tried. She looked ok and cute but I absolutely adored Gloria’s dress (minus those pearls). So for a little fun, I decided to whip up a reunion outfit that I would rock (if I was ever on a reality show).

I choose an Alexander Wang dress and the Dior Spring 2011 sandals, I have been drooling over. I think I would have given them a run for their Leger’s….

reunion outfit

reunion outfit by mrswindycitystyle featuring asymmetrical dresses

Alexander Wang asymmetrical dress
$950 -

Alexander wang dress
$950 -

Mikey metal jewelry
14 GBP -


  1. Awesome post!

    I tweeted this at you:

    "Evelyn was particularly disgusting on the reunion, and very materialistic. She has no soul. :O"

    She's so caught up in name brands and her "looks" that she didn't realize just how ugly she looked on that reunion show. I hope she watches and grows a conscience. Probably not.

  2. These shoes are allllll a girl needs in life. Great outfit!

  3. @karyn thanks hon!

    @312 girl she looked possessed