Friday, February 25, 2011

Exclusive: Kryolan opens new store in Chicago’s Lincoln Park

In the heart of Lincoln Park a new beauty emporium has staked its claim. With articles in Time Out Chicago, Michigan Ave, and a segment on WGN-Chicago, Kryolan is staking its claim on the Windy City.

Here in Chicago for 5 weeks but in the beauty industry for over 65 years, Kryolan enjoyed its starting popularity as professional theater makeup. Currently, Kryolan has evolved to a global beauty brand and appeals to all walks of life from everyday women, pagent winners, and Queens! Kryolan is the new place for beauty lovers and beginners.

Ulrike Bege, the Reginal Sales Manager took me on a tour of the Lincoln Park store and inside the world of Kryolan.


Mrs Windy City: Tell us about the evolution of Kryolan
Ulrike Bege:
Over the years we have devoplved to beauty, TV, film industry, special effects,
as well as everyday beauty. People trust Kryolan for professional make-up to
everyday beauty.

We carry a range of high-definition makeup, used in
television as well as photograpghy. It is very situable for everyday beauty; it
gives you a fantasic flawless look, feeling like a second skin, like silk.

Mrs Windy City: What is high-definition make-up used for?
Ulrike Bege:
This is what we use in televison and use with Miss Universe and Miss USA, we
used it last year and the year before that (for the pagents). It’s the texture
you want to get that flawless clarity on tv as well as high-def.

Ulrike showed me the different types of mediums and textures as well as shades of high-defintion make-up. What amazes me is that Kryolan has over 120 shades in their foundation line. They rarely discontinue due to Kryolan being an independent manufactuer, one of the last worldwide. This is great for the customer, because we get the savings!

Mrs Windy City: What about color?
Ulrike Bege:
We have a waterbased make-up which is often used in theaters. We also have an
innovation wall with the latest and the greatest. For example: a cream liner,
which came out recently and has a great texture and extreme staying power. We
also have a lipstain, which goes under your lipstick and gives it staying power.
“Living pigment” is a new product and is a pure pigment that can be added to any
medium. You can add to an eyeshawdow, lipgloss, a foundation and an airbrushed

Also Kryolan supplies stage make-up to local Chicago Theater Houses like Steppenwolf, Shakespear, and the Joffrey Ballet.

Mrs Windy City: How is Kryolan different from other brands?
Ulrike Bege:
Professional make-up (Kryolan) is highly pigmented. Meaning it has to give you
the same intensity on dark skin as it has to be on light skin. We also have two
special lines, Derma Color, a medical make-up line. It targets everything from
birth marks, vitiligo to hyper pigmentation, discolorations, stretch marks and
tattoos. The second line is derma-color light, it is a lighter version but more
on the beauty side, containing vitamin E, avocado oil, and more ingredients.

To be a professional brand, Kryolan is easy on your pockets. Some price points: Eye shadow for $8.25, pallets of blush for $23.65, and liquid foundation for $14.74. They will color match your foundation for free and professionally apply your make-up for an event for $45.

Your children can even get in on the fun. Kryolan offers classes and seminars which includes kits for learning.
-Special effects
As well as professional training, basic and advance classes.

Kryolan is also a prominent feature and part of the winning package on RuPaul’s Drag Race television show. I can go on and on about the products and the price points but only you can see for yourself. Get a free consult, buy products, and welcome Kryolan to our wonderful city.

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