Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Burberry Bespoke collection and the celebrities who wear them

Burberry Prorsum has induced a fashion frenzy with Burberry Bespoke. A biker themed line for trench coats and jackets that can be either be created by the customer or bought from the free standing line. Studs, leather, lavish belts and a variety of eye catching additions have found their way onto the sleeves of these coats. Lately, a lot of stars have hit the scene in these beauties that can cost up to $5000.00.

Emma Watson was the first to wear a studded trench, since she is the face of the line. Following were Kim Kardashian, LaLa, Monica and Kate Bosworth who showed up to Burberry’s London fashion week in an entire Burberry outfit.

My question: would you rock these coats?

And who out of all the celebs rocked it best?

Which celeb wore it best
Emma Watson
Kim Kardashian
La La
Kate Bosworth

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