Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christian Louboutin Misfit Ruffle Sandal VS Jeffery Campbell P Kitten

All great expensive shoes must have a lower priced replica right??! Now the the Christian Louboutin Misfit Ruffle Sandal has one.

I just saw on Solestruck the P Kitten by Jeffery Campbell . Available in two colors: black and a gorgeous blue. These shoes can give the Louboutin a run for your money. (I like the blue ones better, they pop.) The heel is lower and of course not as many tassels but the P Kitten gives a similar WOW factor.

But if you are a true fashionista and can afford it the Louboutin’s, they are on sale everywhere! I found a pair at Neiman Marcus for 712.00 half of the 1425.00 price tag.

Happy shopping!

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