Monday, November 22, 2010

What a girl wants… what a girl REALLY needs (in her closet)

Often we have closets overflowing with clothing. Shirts, pants, jackets, everything! And normally we don’t even wear half of what we own. We go to the same key pieces and wear them to death and very fashionable I might add.

I’m an “all black everything” type of girl. It always matches and you never have to worry about the little stuff. So if you see me out and about I will normally have on my black blazer, a black see through tank and leggings/pants/skirt with a pair of awesome shoes. I was thinking, why do I constantly go and buy things that I get simple highs out of when I purchase but it remains in my closet unworn years later?

There are key expensive pieces that all girls need, so we can run to Forever 21 or other low buy stores to throw a newness and cheap piece into the mix from time to time to freshen our key pieces up.

Black blazer

A black structured blazer is key for over your pants, leggings, dresses and skirts.
You can wear it to a black tie with dress pants or you can wear it to the airport. This will define you! Make sure it cinches in the waist to give you definition and to make feminine curves.


Buy at least two expensive pair of jeans that will be your go to pair for special functions and nights out. You can go to cheaper stores to buy everyday jeans that cost about $20 that will fade and rip but you won’t mind when you toss them in the trash.
My pick: J Brand


This is a go to dress where you can dress down with a blue jean jacket and combat boots or dress up with statement jewelry and jeweled sandals for a major event. I prefer a long sleeved black dress because it can transition easier. When it becomes cold you can wear patterned tights and legwear to amp up the power. It will also be your go to for when you just don’t want to think.

There have been so many times I simply did not go to an even t because I sat on the edge of my bed and pondered what to wear and gave up and watched The Simpsons.

Expensive pair of black pumps

This is self explanatory. While we have the lines Sam Edelman and others to give us less expensive fun shoes, you can never go wrong with a rich and luxurious pair of black pumps and boots.

Frye boots (weekend wear )

The ultimate “in the know” girl boot for the weekend. They last for years and they come in so many different styles.

A good quality handbag

I recommend a higher line of bags such as Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Chloe. Coach is now going Luxe also!

I’m over the Louis Vuitton and Gucci because so many knockoffs. Tre tre de classe. Here I would go with a color bag that will always be instyle like a bright blue, or red!

Happy Shoppin'

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