Thursday, July 29, 2010

My take- Essence controversy: the new fashion editor has been active for 6 months…

Essence hires a white fashion editor and the world becomes a fashion battlefield of ethnicity and culture ( lack thereof).

I am a fashion freak, I read all magazines and read lots of blogs. I love to analyze
what’s the newest thing, what’s the hottest trends. Love it all. Fashion is a passion if mine and I’m still trying to figure out how to make this a J-O-B and be very successful. That being said I think it’s absolutely ridiculous about the fight and war going on with the new fashion editor at Essence that happens to be… white.

We have been hearing about this for days and I must say stop it! True there could have been a black fashion editor pulled in but I admire what editor, Angela Burt-Murray said;

“her creativity, her vision, the positive reader response to her work, and her
enthusiasm and respect for the audience and our brand," adding, "I thought she'd
make an excellent addition to our team. And I still do."

Lets face the fact, Time Warner owns Essence. We should be applauding that they have decided to try to work with the magazine and keep it on the newsstands rather than throw it away like so many other urban magazines. Remember Suede and Honey (now online?), Jewel is still standing but for how long? They couldn’t make it, simply because readership and subscriptions were down… in the black community.

How do we know that black fashion editors did not apply or even WANT the job. Before we make assumptions about how this new editor got there let’s stop waving the ‘racism’ flag. We as a black community try so hard to read between the lines with everything that is said and done. Instead of reading between the lines let’s make our own lives better and concentrate on what WE as individuals want to achieve.

This issue is the same as black editors and staff working at Marie Claire, Lucky and Vogue. How dare they? Oh right, they can do that over at a white publication because they deserve it.

What grinds my gears is that this new editor has been working at Essence for 6 months! Did anyone notice the lack of “flavor” in the magazine these past months? Probably not…. Until the announcement was made. If we keep this up, companies will be afraid to finance and back a black publication because of the scrutiny and surveillance of our community. Lets start standing behind the independent and online magazines (as well as the current standing) , fashion designers, bloggers etc. Uplift them and introduce them to our friends and families and let them be great. It may lead to more black publications being developed.

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