Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sex and The City 2 review: Where could we go from here?

I wrote this review immediately after seeing the movie and have been sitting on this review but here we go.

Like a majority of women I was super excited for SATC 2. I have been watching clips and reading interviews anticipating this fun filled adventure. So THEY said.

It wasn't as heart breaking at the last one, but it made me throw up my hands throughout the movie and say, "what the hell" to a lot of situations as well appreciate the first movie more than ever.

I was really surprised with Miranda and loved it! Her character has evolved tremendously. After going through her tragedy with Steve, she is fun and quirky and always smiling. I loved that she finally put her job on the back burner and concentrated on her happiness. It was so refreshing to see her in this role. She wasn't bitter, she wasn't jaded, she was happy. I wanted to see evolution with the other ladies like Miranda.

I was so fed up with Samantha. From not wanting to conform to Eastern rules of dress, she meets a sexy man and yes she is attracted to him and wants to sex him on the desert but what I fail to understand is how a smart and successful women isn't aware that she is in a different country and CANNOT behave the way she normally does. It seems as though Samantha is really trying to prove something to others by refusing to tone down her image. Or is she simply trying to prove to herself that she still has the " it" factor while going through menopause? After getting arrested and kicked out the swanky hotel she still doesn't learn her lesson. Will she ever learn? (And why wasn't the other girls angry with her? If my friend did something like that… ) I'm not implying that she should tone down her sexuality or since she is now 50 wear jogging suits but when will she become aware that being single doesn't mean you can break the law? Or was the movie implying that the Middle East should embrace women like Samantha and her sexuality? Either way it was a hot mess.

Also the movie was filled with those one liners that SATC made famous ,but in the movie, a one liner isn't needed every 2 minutes, from "Toto we're not in Kansas anymore" to "Abu Abu dooooo" it was all a little too much.

Carrie and her struggle AGAIN with being enough for Big was a surprise as well as shock. We went through years of Carrie feeling she wasn't good enough for him only to marry the man of her dreams …Big and now face those same insecurities. Her kissing Aidan just showed that Carrie still has a long way to go. And we all do.

I love that this movie pushed the envelope of "everything isn't for everybody" and passing judgment is so 2001. There is a norm seen in society that we have grown up with, but what this movie begs for us to question is: what is normal for us? The movie reinforced what it is to define what is "correct" in your relationship or marriage when it comes to children, companions, and fidelity. After Charlotte's critical review of Carrie and Big's two-day vacation she comes to realize that taking time off, even for a day does not make you a bad wife or mother. Ladies in their 30's have said that my age group (young 20's) did not understand or "get" this movie simply because we aren't experiencing what the main characters are. Menopause, bosses from hell, and motherhood. These older women understand and have experienced this while the only thing us girls in out 20's can do is look at the fashions.

The other question that has been raised is will there be a SATC 3? I love the girls and what they promote but let's be honest; looking at these women and their faces on the big screen we can clearly tell they are not getting younger. It seems that they have all figured out their plan. Carrie and Big will remain childless, Miranda has found a job she loves, Charlotte will now take time for herself and Samantha is still….Samantha.

There are some that look at the sentimental reason behind a part 3 and say that having a part 3 will show the industry that a women based film can have a trilogy like Transformers 3, Shrek 3 and other top grossing men/children movies while opening the doors for companies to embrace older women and not focusing on young Hollywood to be successful. Should I really to say no to a part 3? Honestly, their lives aren't "reality", Carrie and the girls never wear the same thing twice, even in the series but I still say no to part 3. If I can't relate to part 2, I will baffled in part 3.

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