Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is this about B?

I know your wondering what the hell is Mrs Windy City Un PluGGed? Well it’s me and not the journalist, not the entertainment/gossip girl. It’s a little crazier, cluttered and edgy. It’s like a big collage!

I’ll be talking about a little gossip here and there, cool pictures of shoes, friends, events and fashion. Glimpse some pictures of celebs that roll through Chi town, (send in yours if you like) and a little advice on some things that I definitely know about and just ranting (lol).

If you have been following me, you know I started Mrs Windy City in Nov of 2007 with some exclusives and focusing solely on Chicago. It led me to write and produce podcasts for In Chi City. I’ve moved along and now write a column for Chicagonista. This is just a creative outlet in order to get some things off my chest, show you some things I do and be fun. Any suggestions, improvements etc just email me @ and don’t forget to follow me on twitter: mrswindycity

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