Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mr Right or Mr Good Enough?

So I saw this book in the new issue of Marie Claire

Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough
Hitting the shelves on Feb 4th this book is about:

explores the dilemma that so many women today seem to face--how to reconcile the strong desire for a husband and family with a list of must-haves so long and complicated that many great guys get rejected out of the gate…. its time to reevaluate what we really need in a partner.

"I wish I could round up every single woman I know and assign this book for discussion. Gottlieb helps women see how our cultural or private fantasies build up so many expectations that they destroy the possibility of real love and, eventually, marriage. Marry Him is a big fat lesson in how not to get in your own way. Any woman who wants to find true love and hasn't been able to should read this book." -Pepper Shwartz, Ph.D., relationship expert at

I LOVE books and reading, I do. I just feel that if you want to know something and expand knowledge, vocab and all that fun stuff…read. It takes you to different time periods, different emotions …let me stop shoving my beliefs down your throat (lol) and just say I think for all women this is a must read!

Have you ever thought that you let ‘the one’ slip away because you were dealing with ‘Mr Right Now who would turn into Mr Right’? (Shyly raises my hand). I let good opportunities pass me up (moving to Atlanta for a year with a resident doctor…all expenses paid even my rent here in the Chi ) because I was so in love with “Mr damn old and set in his ways to marry my ass.” We broke up soon after I turned down that offer. Nough said.

I will read this book to help the wheels turn in my head a little.

Whose up for reading this? Lets do a book club style meeting with drinks, the book and laughter. Anyone?

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