Monday, January 11, 2010

Artistic impression is now called swagger jacking

Don’t you hate when you buy a clothing item or jewelry or shoes and you see someone else with them? Is it worse if it’s a friend? Do you say inside your head…”that bish swagger jacked me?’ Sometimes but a majority of the time you say…”we have the same taste and I rocked it better. ” LOL

That’s what happened in this Melody Thornton incident.

Mel gets on twitter (the new home of the brave it seems) and bitches about Ciara swaggerjacking her style on ‘L’Officiel’ magazine cover. Ciara did the ‘hold my ponytail in a picture’ move! How dare she?'

Pish posh take a bath.

Beyonce started this with her video, Single Ladies when she grabs her ponytail and at the end of her performance at the American Music Awards. BUT ALSO this is a common move among the drag divas that perform. Its been known for a long time that while they whip their ponytails around while performing they also hold the end of the ponytail and give a ‘fierce’ look.

So Mel why didn’t you pick on Beyonce? Or the dragalicious divas? Oh right because she is Beyonce and because you probably didn’t even know where YOU got it from. Maybe Ciara had time to see your picture and say hey one day I’ll copy that or maybe there was an artistic director or even the photographer on set that said Ciara grab the end of your pony and work it!

Swagger jacking? Yes, YOU swagger jacked the divas. Priceless

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